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New Issues:

2017 U.S Stamp Program
Israel’s Submarines
Out of This World
Britain Celebrates Star Wars Again
Diwali, By Golly
U.S. To Again Issue A Semi-Postal
Canada Honors Six More NHL Legends - And A Team
Israel Honors Shimon Peres
Dutch Soccer Champs Win A Silver
Two Hesburgh Formats
Israel Marks 50 Years Since Six Day War
Netherlands Special Moments
Netherlands Remembers Athlete
De Stijl Art Monement (Netherlands 2017)
Celebrating Spring with Songbirds
Total Eclipse of the Stamp
Canada Issues More Star Trek Stamps
Canada Gears Up for 150th Anniversary
Britain’s 2017 Stamp Programme
Ziggy Stardust on Stamps
Canada Shoots - It Scores!
Hibernating Animals
2016 U.S Stamp Program
US Christmas 2016
Canada Christmas 2016
Britain Christmas 2016
The Netherlands Christmas 2016
Wonder Woman
U.S. Issues First Halloween Stamps
Canada Is Haunted Again
Oh, Golly - Diwali
Israel Goes To The Dogs In June
Animail Attraction?
Canada Tracks More Dinosaurs
Up Against the Post Office Wall!
Canada Honors Star Trek
Israel In The Spring
To Thine Own Stamps Be True
UK Honors Queen's 90th Birthday
Canada Marks Women's Suffrage Centennial
Canada Is High On Hydrangeas
Winter In Israel
Canada's World War I Black Unit
Canada Salutes Year of the Monkey
2015 U.S. Stamp Schedule
Her Very Kind Eyes
Israel Goes To The Dogs
Royal Mail Joins The Scrum
Haunted Canada
You’re A Good Stamp, Charlie Brown
AME Church’s Richard Allen To Be Honored
Paul Newman, Philanthropist
Canada Honors Nobel Winner
Remembering The Battle Of Britain
Hollywood Legend: Ingrid Bergman
New U.S. Elvis Presley Stamp
British Stamps Get Inventive
Canada Issues First Fabric Stamp
Royal Mail In Wonderland
Canada Honors Nelson Mandela
Britain's 2015 Stamp Programme
Wilt Chamberlain Scores Two
Canada Honors Legendary NHLers
Israel Notes Broadway Musical Anniversary
First Look: U.S. 2015 Stamps
Guess The 2015 U.S. Subjects
Canada Commemorates Comedians
Future Issue: Pickup Trucks
Classic Children’s Television
U.S. Rights A Wrong
SpongeBob Postcards
They're Just Wild About Harry
Power Play!
Local Dinosaurs Make Good
March on Washington Stamp Reveal
Britain Honors Alec Guinness, Dylan Thomas
2014 US Stamp Schedule
Canada's 2014 Stamp Programme
Britain's 2014 Stamp Programme
Israel’s First 2014 Issues
Britain 2013 Stamps
Canada 2013 Stamps
2013 US Stamp Schedule
2012 US Stamp Gallery
2012 US Stamp Schedule
2011 US Stamp Schedule
2011 US Stamp Gallery
2010 US Stamp Schedule
2010 Canada Stamp Programme
2009 US Stamp Schedule
2009 US Stamp Gallery
2009 Canada Stamp Programme
Happy (Lunar) New Year!
2008 Christmas Stamps Around The World
Other International 2008 Stamp Programs
2008 Canadian Stamp Program
2008 Great Britain Stamp Schedule
2008 US Stamp Gallery
2008 US Stamp Schedule
Stamps at the White House
Frank Sinatra Stamp Scheduled For Spring
Legends of 20th Century Journalism In 2008
Stamps A Little Closer To Heaven
2007 US Stamp Gallery
2007 US Stamp Schedule
2007 British Stamp Schedule
2007 Canadian Stamp Schedule
Harry Potter Stamps From Britain
Marvel's Fantastic 20
Star Wars Stamps Make Their Debut
The Liberty Bell Is Forever
2006 US Stamp Gallery
2006 US Stamp Schedule
2006 US Stamp Introduction
2006 Great Britain Stamp Schedule
2006 Canada Stamp Schedule

Sweet Stamp
2005 US Stamp Gallery
2005 US Stamp Schedule
2005 US Stamp Introduction
2005 Great Britain Stamp Schedule
2005 Canada Stamp Schedule
Coffee, Tea or Philately?
Everyone's Fonda The New Stamp
2005 Crystal Ball Report Card
2004 Christmas Gallery
2004 US Stamp Schedule
On The Trail Of Lewis & Clark
2004 World Stamps
Australia Waves Its Wand For Harry
"Lordly" Stamps From New Zealand
More Pretty Stamps...
Best and Worst of 2004 - the VSC Polls
2004 Disney Stamps
2003 U.S. Stamp Schedule
2003 U.S. Stamp Gallery
Aug. 2003 Preview of 2004 U.S.
2003 World Stamps
2003 World Stamp Schedules
Audrey Hepburn Stamp
2002 U.S. Stamp Schedule
2002 U.S.Stamp Gallery
2002 VSC Stamp Poll Results
Dec 16 - Busiest Day of the Year
Cary Grant Stamp
10 Easy Payments!
Here Comes The Heroes!
Dutch Treat
And They're Off!
The Stamp Terrorists Changed
Greetings From America Closeups
Next Years' Stamps Now - 2002 Early Guess!
More US Semi-Postals
U.S.Stamp Gallery 2001
Canada's 2001 Stamp Program
U.S Stamp Schedule 2000
U.S Stamp Gallery 2000
2002 Christmas Gallery
2001 Christmas Stamps
2000 Christmas Gallery
1998 Christmas Around the World
1997 Christmas Gallery
Magicians Stamps
U.S Stamp Schedule 1999
1999 Stamp Details
U.S Stamp Gallery 1998
U.S. Stamp Schedule 1998
1998 Index of Stamp Schedules
1998 John Glenn Stamps
Free Flag Album Pages
Greeting from America Stamps
Barbara Taylor Bradford Stamps
Thurgood Marshall Discussion
Thanks for the Memories
Celebrate the Century - 1900
Celebrate the Century - 1910
Celebrate the Century - 1920
Celebrate the Century - 1930
Celebrate the Century - 1940
Celebrate the Century - 1950
Celebrate the Century - 1960
Celebrate the Century - 1970
Celebrate the Century - 1980
Celebrate the Century - 1990
Year 2000 US Postage Stamp
U.S. Stamp Schedule 1997
April 1997
May 1997
June 1997
July 1997
August 1997
September 1997

Cachet Contest Results:

2016 AFDCS Cachet Contest Winners
2015 AFDCS Cachet Contest Winners
2014 AFDCS Cachet Contest Winners
2013 AFDCS Cachet Contest Winners
2012 AFDCS Cachet Contest Winners
2011 AFDCS Cachet Contest Winners
2010 AFDCS Cachet Contest Winners
2009 AFDCS Cachet Contest Winners
2008 AFDCS Cachet Contest Winners
2007 AFDCS Cachet Contest Winners
2006 AFDCS Cachet Contest Winners
2005 AFDCS Cachet Contest Winners
2004 AFDCS Cachet Contest Winners
2003 AFDCS Cachet Contest Winners
2002 AFDCS Cachet Contest Winners
2001 AFDCS Cachet Contest Winners
2000 AFDCS Cachets Contest Winners
1999 AFDCS Cachet Contest Winners
1998 AFDCS Cachet Contest Winners
1997 AFDCS Cachet Contest Winners
JPA Cachet Contest 2000
JPA Cachet Contest 1999


How Stamps Are Made
CBS Features Stamp Collecting
Inverted Jenny Reprint Helps Launch New Stamp Museum
Game, Set and Match
The First Stamp Album
The War Between the Stamps
All American Aviation: Airmail Pickup
Only at Americover
Ernest Borgnine on Stamps
The Proposal
Introduction to the Stamps of Vatican City
Stamp Collecting, 1955
How Stamps Are Made
Dogs on Stamps
Discover the Beauty of Japanese Stamps
It's a Dog's Life
A French Kiss for Paris
50th Anniversary of U.S. Space Flight
Canada's 2011 Stamp Program
Carnival of the Animal Stamps
Making Envelopes for First Day Covers
Trains and Stamps
NPM's History On Display
Stamp Collecting & Inverted Jenny Plate Block
1924 Zeppelin Mail Drop over Germany

First Day Ceremony Reports:

New Elvis Stamp First Day Ceremony
March On Washington Stamp FirstDay Ceremony
Tweety and Sylvester Ceremony
Pheasant First Day Ceremony
Lunt-Fontanne First Day Ceremony
Korean War Medal of Honor First Day Ceremony
Petersburg First Day Ceremony
Northwestern University First Day Ceremony
Frank Sinatra Stamp Makes It In New York
Thurgood Marshall 1st Day Ceremony
Thurgood Marshall 2nd Day Ceremony
Cary Grant First Day Ceremony
American Bats First Day Ceremony
Ogden Nash First Day Ceremony
Andy Warhol First Day Ceremony
2001 Love Stamp First Day Ceremony
Over The Rainbow, Under Carnegie Hall (Judy Garland)
Irving Berlin First Day Ceremony
Disney Celebrates Disney
Stamp One For The Gipper
Quacking Up In Illinois


Fashioning Forevers
Terry McCaffrey's Exit Interview


APS Names New Editor
APRL's Tara Murray Leaving
Youngblood Adds Two Top Magazines
Bigalke Returns To Linn's
Want To Cancel The Eclipse?
AFDCS Declares Its Independence (Again)
Vera Felts Honored By ATA
Recovered Jenny Invert Sold
Change In U.S. FDC Servicing Policy
New APRLibrary Opens
Service Your Own First Day Cachets For Canadian Issues
Another Lost Jenny Invert
Lands at The PF

Letters To And From Santa 2016
Postal Museum Director Retires
Looking 10 Years Ahead
NPM Stamp Curators win Smithsonian Award
Americover Tour Gets Special Museum Lecture
USPS Goes Digital
After 61 Years, Stolen Stamp Is Home
Lazaroff Completes State Ceremony Sweep
APS Names 2016 Award-Winners:
Luff, Peterson, Mueller and Allen,
Nicholas G. Carter Volunteer Recognition Awards
U.S. Resumes Mail To Cuba
The Big Apple As Seen On Stamps
Royal Mail's 500th Anniversary
APRL Rare Books Damaged In Leak
Antarctic Survival
Happy 500th, Royal Mail
Time To Book NYC 2016 Rooms
Time To Get Nostalgic In Israel
Time To Get Packing
New Christmas Offers from USPS
USPS Offers Letters From Santa
Britain Honors Star Wars
Queen Elizabeth II Sets Record
Going The Extra Mile
USPS Considers Drones
Canada Post Seeks Rate Hike
APS Names New Exec
Canada’s Weather Wonder
Dinosaurs Come to Life In Canada
Israel’s WWI Mule Corps
Canada Honors Famous Poem
50 Years of Special-ness
Black History to Postal Museum
APS’ Guyer To Head ASDA
When is a Rate Hike Not a Rate Hike?
Linn’s’ Bigalke To APS Journal
Rarest Stamp Heading To DC
AFDCS Sets 2015 Show — Finally!
Megan Brennan To Be First Woman PMG
PMG Donahoe Retiring
Batman Collects Stamps!
Inverted Jenny PB Sets Record
USPS Replaces Stamps Chief
Royal Mail Postmark Celebrates Comet Landing
Cyber-Attack On The U.S. Postal Service
Piazza is Museum’s New Stamps Chief
Bailar Blasts U.S. Stamp Selection
Philadelphia Show Canceled for 2015
Canada Honors Country Music
Stamp Superstar Sets Record
Britain Remembers The Great War
Americover 2014 Returns To Jersey Roots
Hot Rods Stamps Start Their Engines at Auto Show
Stamp Superstar To Be Sold
Postal Museum’s Ganz To Retire
Another Record Loss For USPS
U.S. Stamp Program Leaks — Again
Jenny “Unvert” Sold For $25,000
Britain Heralds the Year of The Horse
Ken Martin Out as APS Exec
USPS Raises Shipping Rates
USPS Loses Another $5 Billion
Top Auctioneer: Drop The FIP
U.S. Postal Service Gets 3-cent RateHike
William H. Gross Gallery Opens
USPS' First eBay Sale Is One To "Die" For
Working Class Stamps At Work
USPS Puts First Rare Items On eBay
Israel Reveals 5774 Holiday Stamps
NYC Wife in "Sticky" Situation
AFDCS Votes For Open Board Meetings
Royal Mail Goes To Sea
Stamp Collecting in Mainstream Magazine
APS Holds Meetings in Milwaukee - 2013
A Plethora of Postmarks
Ray Charles Postmarks
APS Shows APP-titude
Well-Seasoned Americover 2013 Comes To Ohio
Match Factory Update
The King of First Day Covers
USPS Goes Apple Picking
Cover Catastrophe
California, Here Americover 2012 Comes
Match Factory Fine in Storms
How Do We Love Thee, Baseball All-Stars? Let Us Count the Ways.
Bill Gross Buys Rare Provisionals
Scott's i-App is Here
The Chicks Are In The Mail
VSC Nicks Sweep Awards
USPS To Honor Living People On Stamps
US PMG Is Stamp Collector
APS Finances in Good Shape
Summer 2012 Storms
Americover 2011 Preview
Top Stamp Designer Paul Calle Dies
Britain's Magical Realms
USPS Turnovers in Stamp Execs
Something Funny
Negro Leagues Baseball Remembered
Washington Show Gives APS $179K
What Services Does APS Offer?
Americover Returns To Chicagoland
Ken Martin Named APS Chief
NAPEX 2010 Preview
NOJEX 2010
Klug Joins Stamp Selection Panel
Judge Dismisses Lawrence Lawsuit
Chasing TV Memories
Unkindest (Budget) Cut Of All
Busy Weekend Planned For NAPEX 2009
Wade Saadi Elected APS President
Suggestions For The APS
What If...NASCAR Stamps?
AFDCS Gears Up For Americover 2008
VSC Too Harsh On APS? (VSC Editorial)
What Size Is A Plate Block?
2008 Rate Hike
Too Much Talk?
Dedicated To Gordon and Mary
Match Factory Update
Retired CIA Agent Wins Jenny Invert
Walker Hearing Postponed
Do You Remember?
Afghanistan's Broken Postal System
Deafness & Judaism On Stamps
Striking Gold In California
The $6 Million Stamp Trade
All You Need Is Stamps
Election Stamp Hoax
Major British Error Found
Michel Online Catalogue Review
Quilts Round A 'Bend' Onto Stamps
Motorcycle Stamps Roar Into Post Offices
The Icehouse Cover
Wash 2006 Distributes $265K Of Surplus
We Were At Washington 2006!
Changing Of The Guard
Half A Million Stamps Given Away
Spanish Dealers In Trouble
Duck Stamp Collectors Cry "Fowl!"
APS Officers: Pay To Play?
Tales of the Animals
Missing Rarity Recovered
Laurence To Head Philatelic Foundation
Real Or Not Real?
New U.S. Postal Rates
Egg On South Korea's Face
Super Stamp Swap
Jenny Invert PB Sets Record
eBay Categories: Divide & Conquer?
Literacy Non-Profit Online Stamp Petition
Can't Buy Me Stamps
2005 APS Election Results
Topicals Get Crafty

Jay Bigalke - Good Luck!
Error Stamp Outdoes Estimate
Stamps 'n Politics
Bluegrass Poetry On Stamps
John Paul On Stamps
Michigan Show: Icing On The Cake
Civil Spelling Rights
Say It With Flowers
It Ain't So!
Czeslaw Slania Dies
Almost-Royal Wedding
Stamp Out Humdrum Valentines
Never-Issued German Stamps Missing
Moon, Space Shuttle, Holocaust
Farmers Go "Ewe!" At New N.Z. Stamp
Classic Beauty Engraved
Canada Goes For The Bigger Picture
Another Opening For Moss Hart
US Stamp Czar Speaks - Part 1
US Stamp Czar Speaks - Part 2
USPS Needs Marketing 101
As Clouds Roll By
Egg On Their PhotoStamps
Clouds Roll By At Milcopex
US-Canada Joint Issue 2006?
Oh, Oh: The One That Didn't Get Away!
And Then There Was One
Bogus FDCs Rock Stamp Market
USPS Races To Stock Cars
Mall Store Mauled
Canada Tees Up A Centennial
Mall Store Mauled
VSC Members at the Topicals Convention
Tickle Me, Henry
A Taxing Mistake
Saddle Up, Partner
Disney Takes Charge!
How the West Was Lost
Servicing Large Quantities of FDC's
Help! I Just Inherited This Collection!
Encapsulating Slabbing
Mancini Photo Album
Lewis & Clark Trail Or Highway Robbery?
USPS Could Mark Cycling "Return To Sender"
Ginny Mancini Interview
Picturing the Wild Blue Yonder
      Audio Report 1
      Audio Report 2
Are Shows Doomed?
Korea, Japan Fight Over Stamps
Stamp Subject Heirs Important to Stamp Success
2004 - Five Black History Issues
John Wayne Rides To The Rescue
Treasure At The Post Office
Family Violence Snafu
New APS Logo? What Happened?
Dead or Alive?
Personalized U.S. Stamps?
Honoring Thy Father - Korean War Veterans Memorial
The "Cat" Is In The Bag!
Living On A Stamp
New York Man On Irish Stamp
Pelicans, Stamps, and Conservation Highlights
Pushing The Envelopes
Caveat Editor
Evita on Stamps
Franklin Pierce Bicentennial
Arrests In Major Stamp Theft
U.S. Celebrates Year of the Ram
Fantasy On Stamps
Rethinking Snail Mail
Supermodel at Stampshow
Equal Time for DC
A Push For A Corvette Stamp!
Heroes Stamp Emblazons Race Car!
The Glassine Surfer
Hooray For Hollywood!
Let's Go to the Circus!
Bid Rigging!
EID Report
Wyoming Complains!
Cary Grant - Legends of Hollywood
Rudyard Kipling Remembered
Postal Bonuses?
Match Factory Moves Forward
Another Match Factory Visit in Photos
Bid Rigging
US Rate Hike in July
West Point Stamp
New Postmaster General
Top Junior Collector
The Treskilling Yellow
USPS Loves Lucy
Designing Kids
Behind the Scenes
APS Makes a Match
Got a Match?
Licensing and the Cachetmaker
Rare Stamp May Have a Duplicate
Revised FDC Awards Would Benefit Hobby
1999 US Postal Rate Hike
Behind the Depression Era Stamp
When is an Auction NOT an Auction?
AUSTRALIA '99 Rated Great!
Spanish Settlement Stamp
The NEW Quarters
Beginning Exhibiting - A Chat With Janet Klug
Beginning Exhibiting 2 - A Chat With Janet Klug
James Dean on the Road
Marilyn Monroe Errors Reported
Quite a Markup for Pooh
USPS Joins Domestic Violence Push
On Time For Local U.S. Delivery
Union Food Drive Up 60%
John Cabot Stamp Challenge
South of the Border Rush!
A Day at the Opera
Leo August 1914-1997
Bye-Bye, Susie B.
Four Centuries of American Art
Kelsey Not to Renew
Coin Collecting as an Addiction
Coffee Club Cards
Call Our Agent
No Christmas, No Thanksgiving - 2000
Show Furniture Again - 2000
USPS Re-Cycles Lance Armstrong - 4/2000
Stamp Collecting Courses Online - 4/2000
Childrens' Artwork on US 2000 Stamps!
Designing Kids: Out Of This World!
Canada Post Takes Off in September
How the International Mail System Works
WCW Wrestling Stamps
The UPU and You
Roger Maris' 61st Home Run!

Lloyd's Fun FDCs:

Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 1
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 2
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 3
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 4
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 5
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 6
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 7
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 8
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 9
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 10
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 11
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 12
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 13
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 14
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 15
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 16
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 17
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 18
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 19
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 20
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 21
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 22
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 23
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 24
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 25
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 26
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 27
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 28
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 29
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 30
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 31
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 32
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 33
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 34
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 35
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 36
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 37
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 38
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 39
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 40
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 41
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 42
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 43
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 44
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 45
Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery 46

Stamp Collecting and the Internet:

Selling Online
APS Stampstore
Email Tips
Online Exhibiting
Stamps vs. the Internet
Online Jargon
Selling on the Internet
The APS and the Internet
Traveling Computers
Internet Problems
Email List Responsibility
Stamp Dealing On The Internet
Your New Public Library
Surfin' Safari
Filtered or Plain?
All The News...
Traveling By Web
Dial "I" For Internet
Selling Online
Instant Gratification
Seller Netiquette
Online & Bottom Line
Seller Netiquette
Free And Not Free
Passwords and PayPal
Look Just Like A Spammer!
Taking Money
Forever And A Day
Spam, Scams & Shams
Waar is Engels?
Free And Not Free
Here Be Monsters
Let's Be Careful Out There
Preventing Internet Gibberish
We're Always Connected
Do You Read Newspapers Online?
In Your Face!
You Can Bank On It
Address for Success
Kindling Philatelic Interest
Discussing Philately On The Internet
Defensive E-Mailing
Love & Hate On The Road
To: Be Or Not To: Be


LloydBlog 1 - Embarking for New Destinations
LloydBlog 2 - The Philatelic Passion Play
LloydBlog 3 - Frustration
LloydBlog 4 - VSC's Status
LloydBlog 5 - home Is Where The Pillow Is
LloydBlog 6 - I Hate Computers
LloydBlog 7 - Joy At Losing
LloydBlog 8 - [Gettysburg] Address Not Found
LloydBlog 9 - Behind The Scenes at the Philatelic Passion Play
LloydBlog 10 - Poor History Students
Discretion Is The Better Part of Collector Valour
What Others Should Do
I May Not Know Art...
Ripples Among The Radio Waves

John M. Hotchner
Gloom, Doom and the Future
What To Avoid In U.S. Philately
Is That All There Is?
Becoming A Specialist - And Trying Exhibiting
The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg
From The Customer's Side Of The Table
Tired of the New Issue Rat Race? Enjoy A Topical
Finding Time
The Value of History on Stamps
Philately vs. Family
The License Plate Game
Changing Fashions
Short Subjects
Looking for Stamps in All the Right Places
Do You Care If It's "Scarce" Or "Rare?"
Regarding "The Simpsons"
Collecting The Stamps of Our Neighbor To The North
Why NOT a U.S. Stamp Right Now for Paul Newman?
Wide And Deep
Showing Off
Yes, You Can Be A Philatelic Writer
Possessed by Possessions!
The Personal Collection - It's All About Yourself!
Acceptable Level of Condition
It’s All About Yourself!
Is the U.S. Stamp Selection Process Stupid?
Getting Started as a U.S. Stamp Collector: Your Thoughts Wanted
Specialties and Clubs
"An Exceedingly Large Vice"
Discovering the History in U.S. Stamps
The Evolution of a Collection
Letters to the Editor: A Mixed Bag
Weather, Seasons, and Philately
Buying for Your Collection - If Long-Term Value Floats Your Boat
Coping With The Tyranny of Completeness
Trashy Labels
Way Too Long
Things You Need to Know to Enjoy a Stamp Show
Thoughts While On Line
Suspending Disbelief
Computers: Good Or Bad For Philately?
How'd You Get Started?
Be A Show-Off!
The Challenges Of Stamp Dealing
Show The Fun In Philately
Cataloguing The Collectors
Cataloguing The Collectors Part II
John Hotchner's Roots
Time to Get Uncomfortable
Hail to the Chiefs
Collecting U.S. Commems
Second-Guessing U.S. Stamp Designs
Feeling Patriotic? Collect U.S. Flag Stamps
John Hotchner’s Philatelic Bucket List
Dealing With Self-Sticks
More Stamps???
Promote Stamps As Art

From the President's Desk: Janet Klug Speaks
August 2004 - Building Bridges
September 2004 - Who are our hobby's "key players"?
October 2004 - Actions Taken At August Board Meeting
November 2004 - Why are dues going up?
December 2004 - APS Members Write?
January 2005 - The APS Should...
February 2005 - The Importance of Local Stamp Clubs
March 2005 - Can We Shape the Future of Philately?
May 2005 - Introducing the APS Strategic Plan
June 2005 - Good News for Stamp Collecting!
July 2005 - STAMPSHOW Venues - How do we pick them?
August 2005 - Members Suggest…
September 2005 - What does the Board Do?
October 2005 - Actions Taken By Board at STAMPSHOW 2005
November 2005 - November Board Business
December 2005 - The State of the Hobby
January 2006 - News for the New Year
February 2006 - Our Committees Work For You
March 2006 - Are You Serious?
April 2006 - Spring Into Philately's Coming Events!

John Leszak's Musings
Vol:1 - A Change of Venue May Enhance Philatelic Tasks
Vol:2 - Leaving A Lasting Mark on Philately
Vol:3 - 15 Minutes of Philatelic Fame For Fad Items
Vol:4 - People Collect The Darnedest Things
Vol:5 - "Time" Frequently Adds Value
Vol:6 - Sentimental Philately Can Be Priceless
Vol:7 - Times Change, The Thrill Continues
Vol:8 - Can Philatelists Still Keep A Low Profile in the Cyber Age?
Vol:9 - Making Time For Philately
Vol:10 - How About Some Stamps Honoring Baby Boomers?
Vol:11 - Can Philatelists Still Keep A Low Profile in the Cyber Age?
Vol:12 - Make the Best out of a Glut Of Postage
Vol:13 - Virtual Exhibits Would Save Space & Money
Vol:14 - Reducing Stamp Collecting Clutter

"Sine Waves" by Richard L. Sine
Why Collect Stamps?
The Value of Your Stamp Collection
Writing = Sharing
Catching Up With Foxcatcher
Inside Stamp Catalogs
Fascinating First Days
Join A Stamp Society Or Club?

Closed Albums:

David Straight
Mary Morison
George Comnes
Helen Foust

Stamp Collecting Report:


Radio Specials:

Lost in the Mail
Identity Theft
Zora Hurston
Purple Heart Stamp
Love and Monkeys
Self-Stick Stickiness!

2003 APS Elections:
Nancy Clark Chat Transcript
George Fekete, Ada Prill and Ken Lawrence Chat
DAL Ron Lesher and John Flannery Chat

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