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FDCs of Americover '97

(Click Any Image for a Hi-Resolution View)

Songwriters A first day cover cachet doesn't have to be complex and gaudy: Award-winning Herb Barre created this monarch-size envelope (larger than standard FDC size, smaller than business) for a combination of Songwriters.
Professional animator Dave Bennett created an animation cell showing Jack Bradbury, one of the last of the original animators of Bugs Bunny -- and had these FDCs autographed by Bradbury, too. PLUS - it's canceled on the first day of issue in an unofficial city - Wasco, California, as in "that wasco-wy wabbit."
The cachet on this unofficial city ("UO") FDC for the Moon Landing 25th anniversary is an oversized stamp from Qatar, a Sand Dune country best (and perhaps only) known for its pop culture stamps. As cachetmaker Andrew Doback says, "See? There IS a use for Trucial States!"
American First Day Cover Society president Tom Foust shows how to get around the Bugs Bunny licensing dilemma without breaking any laws in this FDC. The sign reads "Carrots for sale / Free to Bunnies." Air-brushing is Tom's trademark.
MAD Love The MAD Magazine illustration is somewhat at odds with the image of love presented by the 1997 Love stamps in this FDC by ColorCopy (Andrew Doback). Please notice who's being forced into the marriage.
Kerry Heffner of Nebraska produced this FDC on his computer, feeding the envelopes into the printer (versus printing onto flat sheets of paper and then cutting them into envelopes). He found the images on the Internet. Rural Delivery
Heffner, by the way, has founded a Computers chapter of the American First Day Cover Society, and we'll bring you more information about it as it's available.
Scans © 1997 Sarah Collier. Next Page
For a list of AMERICOVER exhibit winners and 1996's top cachetmakers, visit the
Unofficial AMERICOVER '97 Website.

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