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Most of the subjects and designs for the entire year have been announced, including Star Trek, Shirley Temple, Pickup Trucks, Sarah Vaughan, Richard Allen, Pets and Quilling. (Check "Discuss" inside to find out what that is.)

Our 2016 U.S. stamp program grid is here.
Last Updated:
  • May 23 - Date and city for Pets.

  • WSS-NY16 Issues Quick Reference

  • Other 2016 Stamp Programs:
    Canada Honors Star Trek
    Did you know two of the Original Series’ favorite actors were Canadian? Seven stamps, souvenir sheets and more were beamed down to Canada Post on May 5th. Details here.

    Animail Attraction?
    Britain issues six oddly-shaped stamps featuring "endearing animal characters" that will "make someone smile before they have even opened the envelope." But will they appeal to children?

    Israel Goes To The Dogs In June
    Israel in June issues stamps featuring dogs, the Olympics, World War I aviation and Summer.

    No Gross Profit
    Money manager Bill Gross is selling his incredible collection of Hawaiian classics at World Stamp Show-New York 2016, and donating the proceeds to charity. Details here.

    New York's International Stamp Show
    Each country may only hold one show a decade that has been sanctioned by the International Federation of Philately. This is that year for the U.S., and World Stamp Show-New York 2016 is fast approaching.

  • Mystic will show the sheet of $1 Columbians it just purchased, and offer it for sale.
  • The world's most valuable stamp, the world's first two stamps and more will be on display at World Stamp Show-NY 2016. Details here.
  • Royal Mail will offer some new Post & Go slices of the Big Apple.
  • Exhibits listing

  • Stolen Jenny Invert Recovered
    The third of four rare stamps that disappeared from a stamp show more than 60 years ago has now turned up. Details here.

    Americover 2016 Group Plans To Go Post & Postal
    As part of its annual show and celebration of first day covers, AFDCS members and others will tour the beautiful Hillwood Estate in Washington and then the National Postal Museum. More here.
    APS Politics
    The Virtual Stamp Club is pleased to provide candidate’s statements about the 2016 elections and a low-key forum for discussion. The announcement of a candidacy here does not constitute an endorsement; The Virtual Stamp Club does not make endorsements in philatelic or any other politics.

    Collecting U.S. Commems: Hotchner
    Veteran columnist and exhibitor John Hotchner has some tips.

    Lloyd's Fun FDCs!
    Volume 46 - Humor in FDCs
    Nowhere in philately is it easier to enjoy a joke or chuckle than in first day cover collecting. VSC chief Lloyd de Vries shows some examples.

    Durland Plate Number Catalogue
    The next edition won't be issued until May. The 2012 edition is almost sold out. Copies are still available here.
    Looking for Delphi’s Stamp Collecting Forum?
    Click here to reach it.
    And here’s the reason for the change.
    "Help! I just inherited this stamp collection!"

    Just been given Aunt Matilda's old stamp collection and don't know what to do with it? We can help.

    Unique Stamp Collecting Bookstore
    We have philatelic books in our bookstore you won't find anywhere else on the Internet, including publications from the U.S. Stamp Society, and John Hotchner.

    “I’m having fun! And isn’t that a good part of what stamp collecting is about?"
    Lloyd de Vries, VSC Manager

    Last Updated May 23, 2016


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