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Personalized U.S. Stamps?

Click for a Larger View The presidential commission on the Postal Service has raised the possibility of personalized postage stamps that would be sold at a premium price.
(Click Picture at right for a larger view)

USPS officials have told The Virtual Stamp Club in the past that personalized stamps would be a much bigger undertaking in a large, diverse country like the U.S. than a smaller country like Australia. The USPS would want to have some control over just what pictures could appear on stamps.

"It's not surprising writers would come up with their own interpretation, but if you read the recommendations of the commission, it is just that, a very general recommendation," USPS spokesman Don Smeraldi told the VSC recently. "There is no personalized stamp program. We've looked at the possibilities in the past, but nothing is in the works right now."

However, Dan Rather had a good line on CBS News: Letters with these stamps would be "self-obsessed stamped envelopes."

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