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2000 United States Stamp Schedule
the Virtual Stamp Club
As of August 6, 2000

This schedule represents the latest information from a variety of sources, as well as our best guesses. The information is subject to change, and no responsibility is taken for errors, omissions or changes.

Updates appear first in the Forum's Message Board.

Please visit the US 2000 Stamp Gallery to view images of these Stamps.

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© 2000 de Vries Philatelic Media

Jan 6 33¢ Year of the Dragon, gummed/20, San Francisco 94188, Sc. 3370 Jan 12 33¢ Celebrate the 1980s, gummed/15, 15 designs, Titusville, FL 32780, Sc. 3190 Space Shuttle, Sc. 3190a Broadway Show Cats, Sc. 3190b SF 49ers, Sc. 3190c Hostages Return, Sc. 3190d Figure Skating, Sc. 3190e Cable TV, Sc. 3190f Vietnam Vets Memorial, Sc. 3190g Compact Discs, Sc. 3190h Cabbage Patch Kids, Sc. 3190i TV's Cosby Show, Sc. 3190j Fall of Berlin Wall, Sc. 3190k Video Games, Sc. 3190l Movie E.T., Sc. 3190m Personal Computers, Sc. 3190n Hip-Hop Culture, Sc. 3190o Jan 20 60¢ Grand Canyon, PSA pane/20, Grand Canyon, Az 86023, Sc. C135 Jan 27 33¢ Patricia Roberts Harris, PSA pane/20, DC 20066, Sc. 3371 Feb 28 20¢ University of Utah, postal card, Salt Lake City 84199, Sc. UX312 Mar 15 33¢ Fruit Berries, two-sided booklets, Ponchatoula, LA 70454, Sc. 3297d Blueberries, Sc. 3294a Raspberries, Sc. 3295a Strawberries, Sc. 3296a Blackberries, Sc. 3297c Mar 18 20¢ Ryman Auditorium, postal card, Nashville 37229, Sc. UX313 Mar 27 33¢ Los Angeles Class Submarine, gummed/20, Groton, CT 06340, Sc. 3372 Mar 27 $9.80 Submarines, prestige booklet; 5 denoms, Groton, CT 06340, Sc. 3377a 22¢ S-Class, Sc. 3373 33¢ Los Angeles Class, Sc. 3374 55¢ Ohio Class, Sc. 3375 60¢ USS Holland, Sc. 3376 $3.20 Gato Class, Sc. 3377 Mar 29 33¢ Pacific Rain Forest, PSA pane/10, Seattle 98109, Sc. 3378 Harlequin Duck, Sc. 3378a Dwarf Oregongrape, Snail-Eating Groundbeetle, Sc. 3378b American Dipper, Sc. 3378c Cutthroat Trout, Sc. 3378d Roosevelt Elk, Sc. 3378e Winter Wren, Sc. 3378f Pacific Giant Salamander, Rough-Skinned Newt, Sc. 3378g Western Tiger Swallowtail, Sc. 3378h Douglas Squirrel, Foliose Lichen, Sc. 3378i Foliose Lichen, Banana Slug, Sc. 3378j Apr 6 33¢ Louise Nevelson, gummed/15, 5 designs, NYC (Mega) 10199, Sc. 3379-83 Silent Music I, Sc. 3379 Royal Tide I, Sc. 3380 Black Chord, Sc. 3381 Nightsphere-Light, Sc. 3382 Dawn's Wedding Chapel I, Sc. 3383 Apr 7 33¢ Coral Rose, two-sided booklets, New York, NY 10199, Sc. 3052E Apr 10 33¢ Edwin Powell Hubble, gummed/20 5 designs, Greenbelt, MD 20770, Sc. 3384-8 Eagle Nebula, Sc. 3384 Ring Nebula, Sc. 3385 Lagoon Nebula, Sc. 3386 Egg Nebula, Sc. 3387 Galaxy NGC1316, Sc. 3388 Apr 17 33¢ American Samoa, gummed/20, Pago Pago, AS 96799, Sc. 3389 Apr 24 33¢ Library of Congress, gummed/20, DC 20066, Sc. 3390 Apr 26 33¢ Looney Tunes: Runner/Coyote, PSA pane/10, Phoenix 85026, Sc. 3391 Apr 26 33¢ Looney Tunes: Runner/Coyote, PSA pane/10-imperf, Phoenix 85026, Sc. 3392 Apr 26 20¢ Looney Tunes: Runner/Coyote, postcard, Phoenix 85026, Sc. UX314 May 2 33¢ Celebrate 1990s, gummed/15, 15 designs, Escondido, CA 92027, Sc. 3191 Baseball Records, Sc. 3191a Gulf War, Sc. 3191b Seinfeld, Sc. 3191c Extreme Sports, Sc. 3191d Improving Education, Sc. 3191e Computer Art & Graphics, Sc. 3191f Recovering Species, Sc. 3191g Return To Space, Sc. 3191h Special Olympics, Sc. 3191i Virtual Reality, Sc. 3191j Jurassic Park, Sc. 3191k Titanic, Sc. 3191l Sport Utility Vehicles, Sc. 3191m World Wide Web, Sc. 3191n Cellular Phones, Sc. 3191o May 3 33¢ Distinguished Soldiers, gummed/20, 4 designs, DC 20066, Sc. 3396a John L. Hines, Sc. 3393 Omar N. Bradley, Sc. 3394 Alvin C. York, Sc. 3395 Audie Murphy, Sc. 3396 May 5 33¢ Summer Sports, gummed/20, Spokane, WA 99210, Sc. 3397 May 10 33¢ Adoption, PSA/20, 1 design, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, nationwide, Sc. 3398 May 10 33¢ Adoption, postcard, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, nationwide, Sc. UX315 May 19 20¢ Middlebury College, postal card, Middlebury, VT 05753, Sc. UX316 May 27 33¢ Youth Team Sports, gummed/20, 4 designs, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830, Disney World, Sc. 3402a Basketball, Sc. 3399 Football, Sc. 3400 Soccer, Sc. 3401 Baseball, Sc. 3402 Jun 14 33¢ Stars & Stripes, gummed/20, 20 designs, Baltimore 21233, nationwide release, Sc. 3403 Sons of Liberty, Sc. 3403a New England, Sc. 3403b Forster, Sc. 3403c Continental, Sc. 3403d Francis Hopkinson, Sc. 3403e Brandywine, Sc. 3403f John Paul Jones, Sc. 3403g Pierre L'Enfant, Sc. 3403h Indian Peace, Sc. 3404i Easton, Sc. 3404j Star-Spangled Banner, Sc. 3404k Bennington, Sc. 3404l Great Star, Sc. 3404m 29-Star, Sc. 3404n Fort Sumter, Sc. 3404o Centennial, Sc. 3404p 38-Star, Sc. 3404q Peace, Sc. 3404r 48-Star, Sc. 3404s 50-Star, Sc. 3404t Jun 14 20¢ Stars & Stripes, set of 20 postcards, Baltimore 21233, Sc. UX317-336 Sons of Liberty, postcard, Sc. UX317 New England, postcard, Sc. UX318 Forster, postcard, Sc. UX319 Continental, postcard, Sc. UX320 Francis Hopkinson, postcard, Sc. UX321 Brandywine, postcard, Sc. UX322 John Paul Jones, postcard, Sc. UX323 Pierre L'Enfant, postcard, Sc. UX324 Indian Peace, postcard, Sc. UX325 Easton, postcard, Sc. UX326 Star-Spangled Banner, postcard, Sc. UX327 Bennington, postcard, Sc. UX328 Great Star, postcard, Sc. UX329 29-Star, postcard, Sc. UX330 Fort Sumter, postcard, Sc. UX331 Centennial, postcard, Sc. UX332 38-Star, postcard, Sc. UX333 Peace, postcard, Sc. UX334 48-Star, postcard, Sc. UX335 50-Star, postcard, Sc. UX336 Jun 16 33¢ Fruit Berries, Linerless coils of 100, Buffalo 14240, @NTSS, Sc. 3404-7 Blueberries, Sc. 3404 Strawberries, Sc. 3405 Blackberries, Sc. 3406 Raspberries, Sc. 3407 Jun 30 $15 Mottled Duck hunting stamp, sheet, Sc. RW67 Jun 30 $15 Mottled Duck hunting stamp, self-stick, Sc. RW67a Jul 6 33¢ Legends of Baseball, PSA/20, Sc. 3408 Jackie Robinson, Sc. 3408a Eddie Collins, Sc. 3408b Christy Mathewson, Sc. 3408c Ty Cobb, Sc. 3408d George Sisler, Sc. 3408e Rogers Hornsby, Sc. 3408f Mickey Cochrane, Sc. 3408g Babe Ruth, Sc. 3408h Walter Johnson, Sc. 3408i Roberto Clemente, Sc. 3408j Lefty Grove, Sc. 3408k Tris Speaker, Sc. 3408l Cy Young, Sc. 3408m Jimmie Foxx, Sc. 3408n Pie Traynor, Sc. 3408o Satchel Paige, Sc. 3408p Honus Wagner, Sc. 3408q Josh Gibson, Sc. 3408r Dizzy Dean, Sc. 3408s Lou Gehrig, Sc. 3408t Jul 6 20¢ Legends of Baseball, postcards, Sc. UX336a Jackie Robinson, postcard, Sc. UX337 Eddie Collins, postcard, Sc. UX338 Christy Mathewson, postcard, Sc. UX339 Ty Cobb, postcard, Sc. UX340 George Sisler, postcard, Sc. UX341 Rogers Hornsby, postcard, Sc. UX342 Mickey Cochrane, postcard, Sc. UX343 Babe Ruth, postcard, Sc. UX344 Walter Johnson, postcard, Sc. UX345 Roberto Clemente, postcard, Sc. UX346 Lefty Grove, postcard, Sc. UX347 Tris Speaker, postcard, Sc. UX348 Cy Young, postcard, Sc. UX349 Jimmie Foxx, postcard, Sc. UX350 Pie Traynor, postcard, Sc. UX351 Satchel Paige, postcard, Sc. UX352 Honus Wagner, postcard, Sc. UX353 Josh Gibson, postcard, Sc. UX354 Dizzy Dean, postcard, Sc. UX355 Lou Gehrig, postcard, Sc. UX356 Jul 7 $11.75 Achievements in Exploration, souv sheet, 1 design, Anaheim 92803, @WSE, Sc. 3412 Jul 8 $11.75 Landing on the Moon, souv sheet, 1 design, Anaheim 92803, @WSE, Sc. 3413 Jul 9 $3.20 Escaping the Gravity of Earth, souv sheet, 2 designs, Anaheim 92803, @WSE, Sc. 3411 Space Shuttle/Station, Sc. 3411a Walking In Space, Sc. 3411b Jul 10 60¢ Probing the Vastness of Space, souv sheet, 6 designs, Anaheim 92803, @WSE, Sc. 3409 Hubble Space Telescope, Sc. 3409a Radio Interferometer, Sc. 3409b Keck Observatory, Sc. 3409c Cerro Tololo, Sc. 3409d Mount Wilson Observatory, Sc. 3409e Arecibo Observatory, Sc. 3409f Jul 11 $38.50 Space Achievement, press sheet, 15 designs, Anaheim 92803, @WSE, Sc. $1 Exploring the Solar System, souv sheet, 5 designs, Anaheim 92803, @WSE, Sc. 3410 Sun and Corona, Sc. 3410a Cross-Section of Sun, Sc. 3410b Sun and Earth, Sc. 3410c Sun and Solar Flare, Sc. 3410d Sun and Clouds, Sc. 3410e Jul 13 33¢ Stampin' The Future, gummed/15, 4 designs, Anaheim 92803, @WSE, Sc. by Zachary Carter, Sc. 3414 by Sarah Lipsey, Sc. 3415 by Morgan Hill, Sc. 3416 by Ashley Young, Sc. 3417 Aug 24 10¢ Joseph Stilwell, gummed/50, Providence, RI 02904, @APS Sep 7 33¢ Claude Pepper, gummed/20, DC 20066 Sep 8 33¢ California Statehood, PSA/20, 1 design, Sacramento 95813 Oct 2 33¢ Deep Sea Creatures, gummed/15, 15 designs, Monterey, CA 93940, Natl Stamp Collecting Month Oct 3 33¢ Thomas Wolfe, gummed/20, Asheville, NC 28810, Centennial date Oct 18 33¢ Edward G. Robinson, gummed/20, Legends of Hollywood, late October Nov 9 10¢ NYC Library Lion, PSA coil 10k, NYC 10199, @Mega, 10¢ value TBA 33¢ White House, PSA/20, DC 20066 ©2000 de Vries Philatelic Media

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