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Love and Monkeys, coming to the Post Office....

One of the stamps celebrates the Lunar New Year. It's the 12th and last stamp in the series, 
designed by Clarence Lee of Hawaii, and based on a cut-paper design. The grass calligraphy 
characters say "Year of the Monkey," which begins on the 22nd.

The series has been popular in the U-S, but Asia is one of the hottest stamp collecting 
markets in the world these days, and postal officials have made no secret that the Lunar New 
Year stamps are catering to that market.

Also heading to your post office is a new Love stamp. 

Previous Love stamps have featured flowers, cute birds and modern art, but this year's stamp 
shows candy hearts, those small candies called Sweethearts that have been a Valentine's Day 
tradition for more than a century. The two hearts shown form the message "I Love You." 

Not only is the stamp first debuting at the Massachusetts headquarters of the company that 
makes the candy, but the New England Confectionary Company is creating a special run of 
the hearts to match the stamp.

No, the stamp isn't candy flavored -- it's self-adhesive.

I'm Lloyd de Vries


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