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Scenes From Washington 2006

Wednesday, May 31st:

Former astronaut (and present stamp collector) Col. Henry Hartsfield (USAF, ret.) was signing autographs today.

It's not as busy today (Wednesday) as on previous days, but there's still good traffic here:

Some dealers are SRO: Sitting Room Only:

I haven't yet not seen a line waiting to get into the Court of Honor and Invited Exhibits Room:

You can click on any of these pictures for larger versions. 2006 The Virtual Stamp Club

The Virtual Stamp Club Computers In Philately booth isn't listed in the program (except on the errata sheet, under "dealers") and the maps show either an unlabeled booth or "rest area #2." So I fixed the problem on the map at the bottom of the main escalator:

VSC staffer Ada Prill shows off the newly-arrived and -printed Phlatelic Exhibitors Handbook, Third Edition which she edited.

It's being sold by Subway Stamp Shop, not the American Philatelic Society, as was the case with previous editions. As you may be able to tell from the picture, this edition is also much bigger than the others.

VSC members Dieter (DRKOHLER1) Kohler (left) and Ron Maifeld chat in the VSC booth while Jeff (OLDCOVERS) Shapiro checks the Internet.

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