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A First Day Cover Ceremony

A short, quick, to-the-point ceremony for the Coral Pink Rose stamp Friday in Indianapolis.

Postmaster Michael Lamborne led off with a few wry references to Thursday's problem at the city's main post office, with a disgruntled former postal worker, introduced American First Day Cover Society President (and Virtual Stamp Club member) Tom Foust for a few quick remarks, and then the two unveiled the new 33-cent stamp.

The featured speaker was Linda Aipperspach, coordinator of Cancellation Services at the Stamp Fulfillment Service Center in Kansas City, who confessed that, as a window clerk in the early 1980s, she didn't understand why customers would specify that they wanted a pretty stamp. Now, as head of the unit that cancels envelopes for collectors, she understands - and she thanked the designers and managers at Postal Service headquarters "for selecting such a pretty stamp."

The ceremony was held in the atrium area in front of the dealer bourse room; you can see the opening to the bourse area to the right of the dais area. From left to right, American First Day Cover Society president Tom Foust, Indianapolis postmaster Michael Lamborne, Linda Aipperspach, American Society for Philatelic Pages & Panels president Jim Canon, American Ceremony Program Society president Michael Litvak (behind flag), AMERICOVER '99 chairman Steve Ripley; over Ripley's left shoulder, you can see the entrance to the bourse.

More Ceremony Pictures

Indianapolis - Michael Lamborne speaking at the Coral Pink Rose stamp ceremony. Lamborne had been up more than 24 hours, after reports the previous day of an armed intruder at the city's main post office. It was later determined that the incident was a false alarm, generated by the sighting of a workman with a toolbelt.

Indianapolis postmaster Michael Lamborne and AFDCS president Tom Foust unveil the new stamp.

The stamp design after its unveiling at the ceremony.

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