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Pro Wrestling Stamps

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The WCW Pro Wrestling Stamps!

Hollywood Hogan speaking at the unveiling ceremony for the WCW Pro Wrestling Stamps, at the Harley-Davidson Cafe in New York City September 8, 1999.

Inter-Governmental Philatelic Corporation vice president Moshe Malamud, St. Vincent ambassador Herbert Young, and IGPC chairman Rose Schneid present framed souvenir sheet #00001 to Hollywood Hogan.

Officials of St. Vincent and its philatelic agent Inter-Governmental Philatelic Corporation present a framed Pro Wrestling souvenir sheet to Diamond Dallas Page. Left to right, St. Vincent ambassador Herbert Young, IGPC vice president Moshe Malamud, Sting, Page, IGPC chairman Rose Schneid, and Goldberg.

Goldberg accepts a numbered, framed sheet of the new stamps from IGPC chairman Rose Schneid, as IGPC vice president Moshe Malamud, Sting, and Diamond Dallas Page (behind Malamud) look on.

Sting and Diamond Dallas Page look on as Hollywood Hogan helps unveil a blow-up of the new St. Vincent Pro Wrestling stamps.

Photographs ©1999 de Vries Philatelic Media

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