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The United States Stamp Society is the only philatelic society devoted to the study of postage and revenue paper produced for use in the United States and U.S. administered areas; The USSS is American Philatelic Society Affiliate #150. The authoritative monthly journal, The United States Specialist, is included with membership.

The following literature is available for sale through The Virtual Stamp Club:

Durland 2014 Supplement, This 24-page supplement includes three pages of corrections and additions to the regular issues section of the catalog, eight pages of new issues from 2012, 2013 and early 2014, and seven pages of additions and corrections to the back of the book issues. The supplement is produced in full color with numerous illustrations, especially of interesting pieces that have surfaced since the 2012 edition was released. This supplement together with the 2012 edition provide an up to date listing of all plate numbers used on U.S. stamps. The next edition of the full catalog will not be issued before 2016. All prices are postpaid in the U.S. Inquire for prices in other countries.
SOLD OUT - new Durland edition coming in May 2016
Durland 2012 Standard Plate Number Catalog, edited by W. Wallace Cleland. The standard plate number reference for all U.S. and overprinted Possessions, including regular, commemorative, revenue and other back-of-the-book stamps. Illustrated in full color with marginal marking types and data on coil, sheet and booklets. Now 8½ by 11 inches and 422 pages, spiral-bound, $26.
BelascoUnited States Savings Stamps: The Postal and Treasury Savings Stamp Systems of the United States, by Harry K. Charles, Jr., Ph.D. The book focuses on the stamps and their closely associated collection cards and booklets. Background information is provided to understand the operation of these systems from its beginning in 1910 to an eventual demise in 1970. The book covers essays, proofs, sheet stamps, booklets and coils, as well as official mail stamps and stationery. 6" by 9" paperbound, 245 pages. $28.
BelascoGuide to United States Vending and Affixing Machine Perforations, 1907-1927, by Steven R. Belasco. This book tells the fascinating and complex story of the proprietary coils developed by manufacturers of stamp vending and affixing machines in the early 20th Century. It covers more than 250 major varieties of coil stamps made by the six companies that created these perforations, discusses their history and proprietary perforations, stamps to which the perforations were applied, scarcity of these stamps on and off cover, and factors to be considered to identify the many fakes of these coils. Illustrated in full color; 220 pages (2009), Hardbound. $55.00.
Pat Paragraphs, by Elliot Perry. Reprint of Elliott Perry's work published in 58 issues over his lifetime. Emphasis on issues of the 19th century, locals, carriers and express posts plus match and medicine stamps. Arranged by subject matter; 648 pages Hardbound. $55.00
The Bureau Specialist, Vol. 1-3, 1930 - '32, edited by George W. Brett. Reprinted and bound in one 450 page volume. Contents include early reports on U.S. plate numbers, errors, precancels, offset plate varieties and the Shift Hunter Letters. Hardbound. $50.00
BIA Plate Number Checklist: Plates 1-20,000, compiled by Wallace Cleland. Dates and usage of plates numbered 1-20,000 used for printing U.S. stamps. Over 800 pages and punched for three-ring binder; shrink-wrapped.. $40.00
BIA Plate Number Checklist: Plates 20,000-41303, compiled by John Larson and Kim Johnson. Similar data as contained in Checklist: Plates 1-20,000. Shrink-wrapped.. $35.00
The Prexies by Roland Rustad, edited by Len Piszkiewicz. The complete reference on the Presidential Issues of 1938; well illustrated with history, rates and data on all aspects of the series. 343 pages Paperbound edition. $30.00
The Airmail Special Delivery Stamps of the United States, by Ralph Sloat. Reprint; history, plate layout and data on Scott # CE1,2 and #771. 86 pages Paperbound. $12.00
The Transports by G.H. Davis, edited by Len Piszkiewicz. The complete reference on the 1941 series of 6¢, 10¢, 15¢, 20¢, 30¢ and 50¢ airmail stamps featuring a transport plane in flight, which is known to philatelists as The Transports. Well-illustrated with history, rates and data on all aspects of the series. 231 pages Paperbound edition. $28.00
60-Year Index of The U.S. Specialist, compiled by Richard Hall. A detailed listing of articles indexed by subject heading/authors and Scott numbers for the monthly journal, The United States Specialist, 1930 - 1990 $35.00. $35.00
U.S. Booklets and Booklet Panes, 1900-1978, Volume I: Flate Plate Regular Issues, by Donald Littlefield and Sam Frank. A richly illustrated publication is the most complete work every accomplished on the subject of booklet stamps.; 277 pages (2004). Softbound. $26.00

USSS Reprint Series: articles published in The U.S. Specialist that have been reproduced for the general public.
Washington-Franklin Head Identification, Simplified, Reprint #1. $3.00
Perforation Measurements of U.S. Stamps, Reprint #2. $3.00
Small Die Proofs of the 20th Century's Second Quarter, Reprint #3. $3.00
Luminescent Tagging On United States Stamps, Reprint #4. $3.00
All prices including shipping via book rate in the U.S. Faster shipping and foreign shipping rates upon request to b00ksales@virtualstampclub.com

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