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Tweety and Sylvester
Picture Show!

(Click Images for a Full Size View)
Unveiling the new stamps were USPS Chief Operating Officer William Henderson, Warner executives, and Chuck Jones (L-R).
Pinchot and Jones
Actor Bronson Pinchot, who spoke at the ceremony and who voiced an animated character in a new Warner Bros. feature, chats with legendary animation director Chuck Jones after the unveiling.
Before the stamp was unveiled upstairs in the store, the billboard looked like this...
and after, like this...
Bugs Bunny passes the baton - a postal mailbag -
to Tweety and Sylvester after their unveiling of their stamp.
Cancellations were offered on the main floor of the store, at least in part because it was so crowded on the third floor, where the ceremony was held. As you made your way down to ground level and the exit from the store, employees were hawking Tweety & Sylvester stuffed animals.

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