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Hoboken Pictures

Stamps and other merchandise being sold in Pier A Park (also known as Frank Sinatra Park) on the Hoboken waterfront before the ceremony. At the top right of the picture is VSC member Foster Miller, and behind over in front of him is VSC member Chris Lazaroff.

The blow-up of the stamp design, as well as the cloth covering it, were anchored throughout the ceremony by 3 postal workers.

From left to right, Hoboken Postmaster Artie Tate, Hoboken Mayor David Roberts, USPS District Manager Maria Morse, Frank Sinatra, Jr., and Rep. Albio Sires, D-NJ.

Frank Sinatra, Jr., was the only family member attending the Hoboken ceremony. Between him and the stamp design are Hoboken Postmaster Artie Tate, the Empire State Building, and Hoboken Mayor David Roberts.

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