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Bad Reviews

The Stamp Collecting Report, I'm Lloyd de Vries.

Once a decade, U-S stamp collectors host an international stamp show, with exhibits, collectors and dealers from all over the world. As is the custom, the U-S issues stamps in advance of the show to help promote it.

A pair of stamps will be released this summer for next year’s World Stamp Show New York 20-16... but when the designs were unveiled recently, initial reaction from collectors was not good. Many heaped scorn on them in online discussion groups.

The two designs are really the same, but one is in blue, the other, red-orange. In an interview, the Postal Service said they were intended to evoke classic stamp designs without actually copying them. Stamps promoting earlier international stamp shows here in the U-S HAVE reproduced earlier designs... and maybe that would have been better. One collector says these look like S-and-H Green stamps!

These designs ARE much more simple than the engraved stamps of a hundred years ago. They’re just text and symbols, no pictures, and they’re NOT engraved... another disappointment for collectors.

The biggest knock, though, is that at a glance, these stamps don’t promote stamp collecting or New York City... that is, the big stamp show. And they’re also a little boring.

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