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The People of Americover '97

(Click on Photos for Hi-Resolution View)

LINN'S STAMP NEWS senior editor Michael Schreiber won one of the door prizes during the President's Reception Barbecue at AMERICOVER '97.

Contest chairman Pat Rourk presented the 1996 AFDCS Cachetmakers Contest Awards during AMERICOVER '97.

Mel Albert, director of the Colonial District of the American Rose Society, was the featured speaker at the first day cover ceremony for the self-adhesive coil version of the Yellow Rose stamp, August 1, 1997, at AMERICOVER '97 in Falls Church, Virginia.
USPS Northern Virginia district manager Richard J. Strasser, Jr., and Falls Church, VA, postmaster Gerea Hayman unveiled the coil version of the self-adhesive Yellow Rose stamp at its first day ceremony during AMERICOVER '97.
Jamie Hendrix of Brunswick, Georgia; Jennifer and Heather Lazaroff of North Canton, Ohio, received instruction from Youth Table chair Sharolyn Chicoine during AMERICOVER '97.
For a list of AMERICOVER exhibit winners and 1996's top cachetmakers, visit the Unofficial AMERICOVER '97 Website.
Photos © 1997 Lloyd A. de Vries
Scans © 1997 Sarah Collier

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