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A Candid View
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The USPS sales area at Pacific 97 was huge - and some are now saying it drew off too much of the crowd and took too much of visitors' time, and hurt other dealers there. This photo only shows part of it. On the screen overhead, images of US stamps were projected.
Stamp Venturers, now called Sennett Security Products, had one of the more interesting-looking booths at Pacific 97, just behind the main USPS sales area. Inside, visitors learned about stamp production, and watched as blank gummed sheets of paper were perforated.
Israel held the first first day ceremony at Pacific 97, on the morning of May 29th. At the far left is Yinon Beilin, director of Israel Post's philatelic service.

Ceremony programs weren't handed out until the END of the Benjamin Franklin (May 29) and George Washington (May 30) first day ceremonies. Then, the dignitaries trooped downstairs to sign autographs -- producing ANOTHER long line.

Lindner Publications is holding a contest: Guess the number of stamps affixed to "Miss Philately"'s dress, and win a prize. Three choices were given in the guessing game: 85, 715 or 7,000. Marion Irmer from Remscheid, Germany spent the entire show greeting visitors to Pacific 97's South Hall -- the same hall that contained the USPS sales area and the Stampers youth area.

There were many computers and Geo-Safari games for junior collectors in the Stampers youth area of Pacific 97.
Drummer Carlos Baretta and fife-player David Miles played tunes that Benjamin Franklin might have enjoyed at the Pacific 97 first day ceremony for the souvenir sheet that bears the likeness of the first Postmaster General.
United Nations Postal Administration chief Tony Fouracre speaks at the dedication of the Earth Summit + 5 stamps at Pacific 97. Listening are Pacific 97 exhibition manager Robert Thompson (left) and American Philatelic Society executive director Robert Lamb (right). The stamps were designed by Peter Max to mark the smaller conferences held on the fifth anniversary of 1992's Earth Summit; the American "mod" artist also designed the 1992 stamps for the original event.
Photos Copyright © 1997 Lloyd A. de Vries

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