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William H. Gross Gallery Opens

(Click Pictures for a Larger View)
This is the stunning vista that greets you as you descend to the main floor of the National Postal Museum in Washington, on the lower level of what was once the city's main post office. It was standing room only for the Medal of Honor (left) and Inverted Jenny Reprint First Day of Issue (right) ceremonies — but that's mostly because there isn't much room for chairs on the main floor. The acoustics of this atrium also make it hard to hear. Perhaps the next big expansion of the National Postal Museum will be an auditorium?
There were more children participating in the Stamp Design and Make Your Own Stamp Collection activities on the main floor, although still plenty of adults going through the free stamps. (Limit 6 to a customer, please!) Kids can also get behind the wheel of a huge modern truck tractor, similar to ones used to haul mail across the country today. Surprisingly, there were was little activity in the railway mail car and practically no attention being paid to Owney the Postal Dog. Maybe every dog has his day, but this clearly wasn't Owney's.

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