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Norway 1999 Stamp Programme

As of December 6, 1998, this list represents our best guesses, information and research, drawn from a variety of sources. It is subject to change, and the Virtual Stamp Club is not responsible for errors.

2 January Definitive stamps on roll (self adhesive), 2 designs: Norwegian inventions, Cheese slicer 3.60 Norwegian inventions, Paper clip 4,00 Definitive stamps in booklet (self adhesive) Fish and fisherman's tools 4,00 x 2 Definitive stamps in sheets, Norwegian Flora 3.60-4.00-7.00 8 February St. Valentines Day 4,00 12 April Tourist stamps in booklets 4.00-5.00-6.00 x 2 World Championships in Ice Hockey 4.00-7.00 Norwegian Trade Union 100 Years 4,00 11 June Norway 2000 4.00-6.00-14.00-26.00 9 September Children's games 4.00-6.00 Norway 2000 (Issued also as miniature sheet) 4.00 x 8 19 November Christmas stamps in booklet (self-adhesive) 4.00 x 2 The National Theatre 100 Years 3.60-4.00 31 December Norway 2000 (self adhesive) 4.00 x 2 Return to 1999 Index

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