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Junior Philatelists of America
Cachetmaker Contest
The Winners!

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Erik Tomsen (JPA), 12, AK

Ages 9 and Under

1st Place
Heather Bell, 9, MA

2nd Place
Adam Lang, 8, MA

3rd Place
Kyle Wehner, 7, MO

4th Place
Barbie Stutts, 9, MO
Ages 10-12

1st Place
Alyson Colton (JPA), 12, NY

2nd Place
Jocelyn Baynes, 10, MO

3rd Place
Grant Drinen, 11, MO

4th Place
Mike Stutts, 10, MO
Ages 13 and Up

1st Place
Rachel Turtledove, 13, CA

2nd Place
Nathan Matteson (JPA), 15, MI

3rd Place
Jay Bigalke (JPA), 17, WI

4th Place
Courtney Huff (JPA), 16, NH

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