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Stamp Schedule

As of April 19, 1998, this list represents our best guesses, information and research, drawn from a variety of sources. It is subject to change, and the Virtual Stamp Club is not responsible for errors.

February 5 Flower and tree walking in a dream (winter and spring versions) March 2 Hiyoshi Dam March 4 Sanshin (three-stringed musical instrument) March 19 Okoshi (wake-up) Drum Festival March 20 Opening of the Kobe-Awaji-Naruto Expressway April 1 Jomon period "Venus" (a clay doll) April 24 Chagu Chagu Umako (horse festival) and Mt. Iwate May 19 Business Show '98 (Tokyo) May 20 Mt. Heisei Shinzan June 1 Oze Marsh June 5 Hanagasa (flower hat) Festival June 22 ISF (International Softball Federation) 9th Women's World Softball Championships July 1 Mt. Hakusan July 1 Gion Festival in Hita City July 17 Seto Inland Sea July 22 1998 World Puppetry Festival October 1 The quadricentennial Anniversary of Satsuma ware November 9 Seto-Ohashi Bridge November 20 Kobe Luminaire Return to 1998 Index

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