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Finland 1998 Stamp Schedule

As of January 30, 1998, this list represents our best guesses, information and research, drawn from a variety of sources. It is subject to change, and the Virtual Stamp Club is not responsible for errors.

Jan 15 Birds: Blackbird Fishes: pike perch Moomins Feb 3 Friendship: greetings Nursing in Finland Mar 12 Finnish Red Cross: domestic animals pigs, boar Plants & Flowers: Harebell Mar 27 Nature awakes EUROPA: Spring festival Midsummer May 7 National anthem Nordic stamps, navigation: The Aranda The North-East Passage Jun 4 Puppies Postal stationery Postal stationery card: Railway Sep 4 Owls Postal stationery Cycling Oct 9 Finnish design Oct 30 Christmas stamps (3) Return to 1998 Index

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