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Canada Post
1999 Stamp Programme

As of September 18, 1999, this list represents our best guesses, information and research, drawn from a variety of sources. It is subject to change, and the Stamps Forum is not responsible for errors.

[press release]
This year's program offers a blend of returning favourites, like the Lunar New Year, birds, and scenic highways, and adds new and exciting subjects like horses, the clipper ship Marco Polo, the Pan-American Games, and kites.

The subjects in the 1999 Stamp Program are:

  • Robin Harris' gallery of all 68 Millenium Collection Stamps

  • Canada Post celebrates the Year of the Rabbit with a domestic rate stamp and international rate souvenir sheet to honour the Lunar New Year. The stamps will be available on January 8, in anticipation of the start of the Year of the Rabbit on February 16.

  • On February 17, Canada Post raises the curtain on a stamp honouring the Theatre du Ridean Vert. The world-renowned Montreal theatre ensemble is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

  • The early bird may catch the worm, but we promise that these early birds will catch your eye. On February 24, a new set of Birds stamps will be issued, featuring the Red-winged Blackbird, the Sandhill Crane, the Northern Goshawk and the American Goldfinch.

  • What a find! Canada Post digs deep on March 9 to uncover a stamp honouring the University of British Columbia's Museum of Anthropology, celebrating its 50th anniversary.

  • Maritime Heritage will be honoured on March 19, as Canada Post pays tribute to one of the world's fastest 19th century ships, Marco Polo.

  • We're on the road again on March 31, as the Scenic Highways stamps series continues for its third year. This year's set will depict noted roadways from Newfoundland, Quebec, Manitoba and the Northwest Territories. The stamps specifically commemorates the 50th anniversary of Newfoundland's entry into Confederation, as well as honouring one of our three territories.

  • A single stamp will be issued in April to mark the creation of Nunavut as Canada's newest territory.

  • Canada Post honours the International Year of Older Persons with a single stamp issue.

  • A set of eight low-value definitive stamps featuring Canadian artisans and their crafts is scheduled for April.

  • Flowers are set to bloom earlier than ever this year, as Canada Post issues four stamps in April depicting orchids.

  • The Barreau du Quebec is awarded a stamp on May 31, in an open-and-shut case of philatelic merit. The Barreau celebrates its 150th anniversary in 1999.

  • Canada Post will issue four stamps depicting some famous Canadian Horses in June to coincide with the National Equestrian Competition at Spruce Meadows, Alberta.

  • A special envelope will be issued for the 75th anniversary of the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool.

  • On June 30, Canada Post issues a special envelope to mark the 100th anniversary of the National Capital Commission.

  • The Masterpieces of Canadian Art series continues in 1999 with an international rate stamp to be launched at PHILEXFRANCE 99, held in Paris from July 2 to 11.

  • During the summer, four stamps will be issued to coincide with the Pan-American Games to be held in Winnipeg.

  • On August 22, Canada Post honours the World Rowing Championships taking place in St. Catharines, Ontario from August22-29.

  • The Universal Postal Union (UPU) is honoured on August 23 with a stamp to commemorate the organization's 150th anniversary.

  • A special postcard will be issued to honour the Francophone Summit in Moncton, which will take place September 3-5.

  • Canada Post takes to the skies on September 4, as it recognizes both the 50th anniversary of the Canadian International Air Show, and the 75th anniversary of the Canadian Air Force. Canada Post will issue a set of 16 stamps to commemorate the Air Force and four stamps to commemorate the Air Show.

  • The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will be recognized with a stamp in honour of its 50th anniversary, and reminding us of Canada's involvement in the creation of this very important organization.

  • Stamp collectors will be able to set their sights on new literacy frontiers as of September 24, when Canada Post honours the 100th anniversary of Ontario's Frontier College with a stamp.

  • Spectacular and colourful kites are in the air as Canada Post celebrates this year's "October is Stamp Collecting Month" by issuing four high-flying Kites stamps.
  • A traditional Christmas is being planned for 1999, with a set of stamps featuring Victorian Angels.
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