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Australia Australia 1998
Stamp Schedule

As of January 10, 1998, this list represents our best guesses, information and research, drawn from a variety of sources. It is subject to change, and the Virtual Stamp Club is not responsible for errors.

(Detail of Year of the Tiger FDC courtesy Stuart Fairbairn of Australia. Click Image for Full Size View)

Australia: January 15 Maritime Heritage (sailing ships) (4 stamps, 4 denominations) January 21 Australian Legend 2 stamps both 45c (Images Courtesy of Stuart Fairbairn) February 5 1998 Winter Olympic & Paralympic Games (intl-rate stamped envelope) February 12 Greetings: Champagne Roses (1 stamp) February 26 Botanic Gardens (5 stamped envelopes, each 45c) March 5 Australian Antarctic Territory 2 x 45c setenant $1 and $2 featuring Transport in the AAT. March 12 Christmas Island Marine Life (20) April 9 50th Anniversary of the Royal Australian Navy Fleet Air Arm 1 x 45c April 9 Queen's birthday April 21 Farming Australia (5) May 4 Heart Health May 4 Liquefied Natural Gas conference envelope May 26 "Rock'n'Roll" - First 20 years of Aussie Rock, Sheetlet of twelve 45c - stamps featuring 12 songs plus artist's names from 1958 to 1976 June 17 Maritime Heritage Sheetlet June 25 "Birds in Danger" (WWF issue) - Four Endangered Birds, 2 x 5c, 2 x 45c (se-tenant pairs) featuring the Orange Bellied Parrot, Red-tailed Black Cockatoo, Gouldian Finch and the Helmeted Honeyeater July 16 Youth Arts Australia - Dance and Music Cocos: January 22 Cocos Festive Season (5 stamps, each 45c) Christmas Islands of Australia: January 5 Year of the Tiger (2 stamps, 2-stamp souvenir sheet) Return to 1998 Index

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