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2004 International Stamp Schedules

United Nations 2004 Programme of Issues
(Tentative and subject to theme, date and denomination changes)

29 January:

  • Endangered Species
    37’, F.s. 1,00, € 0,55 (12 designs - sheets of 16 stamps) 3 maximum cards
  • Personalized Stamps
    37’ (1 design - sheets of 20 stamps) Generic Collector's Sheet $14.95
  • Vienna Definitives - € 0,55 (1 design - sheets of 20 stamps)
4 March:
Indigenous Art Series
37’, F.s. 1,00, € 0,55 (3 designs - Mini-sheets of 6 stamps)

7 April:
Road Safety
€ 0,55, € 2,10
Other denominations to be decided (6 designs - sheets of 20 stamps)

3 June:
  • 50th Anniversary of the Japanese Peace Bell (Classic Engraving)
    70’, F.s. 1,30, € 0,75 (3 designs - sheets of 20 stamps)
    Souvenir Card
  • Vienna Pre-stamp envelopes - € 0,55, € 1,25
  • Vienna postcard - € 0,55
12 August:
World Heritage - Greece Celebrating the Olympics
37’, 60’, F.s. 1,00, F.s. 1,30, € 0,55, € 0,75 (6 designs - sheets of 20 stamps)
Three prestige booklets (10’ x 12, 20’ x 12, F.s. 0,10 x 12, F.s. 0,30 x 12, € 0,15 x 12, € 0,20 x 12)

21 September:
  • My Dream For Peace One Day - Opening of the General Assembly
    (stamps and first day covers project with the cooperation of the Lion Club International)
    37’, 80’, F.s. 0,85, F.s. 1,20, € 0,55, € 1,00 (6 designs - sheets of 20 stamps)
  • Disarmament Definitive - 37’ (1 design - sheets of 20 stamps)
    Special Disarmament First Day Cover
14 October:
Human Rights (Education Decade 1995-2004)
37’, 70’, F.s. 0,85, F.s. 1,20, € 0,55, € 1,25 (6 designs - sheets of 20 stamps)


30 January:
  • Red Sea Fishes (Souvenir Sheet)
  • 24 February:
    • Red Sea Fishes (4 stamps)
    • Ilan Ramon (1)
    • Menachem Begin Heritage Center (1)
    • Historians: Yacov Talman, Emanuel Ringleblum, Yacov Herzog (3)
    20 April:
    • Memorial Day (1)
    3 May
    • Clock Towers in Israel (for Israel Exhibition) (5)
    • Israel Stamp Exhibition (1)
    • 50 years – WEFA (1)
    • 100 years - FIFA (1)
    • Definitive (2)
    6 June:
    • Athens Olympic Games 2004 (3)
    • 50 Years – National Security Institute (1)
    • Ben Gurion Airport 2000 (1)
    • Children’s stories (3 stamps)
    • 100 years since the death of Theodor Herzl (1)
    7 September:
    • Festivals 2003 Bread in Israel (3)
    • Educational Institutions in Eretz Israel (3)
    • Bank of Israel Jubilee (1)
    • Ben Gurion Heritage Center (1)
    8 December:
    • Philately Day (3)
    • Paintings (3)

    South Korea

    Jan. 16:
    Nature of Dokdo: 4 stamps

    Jan. 30:
    The 50th Anniversary of the Korean National Commission for UNESCO: 1 stamp

    Feb. 4:
    Train Series (5th): 4 stamps, se-tenant

    Feb. 25:
    Traditional Dye Plants Series (3rd): 4 stamps, se-tenant

    March 22:
    The 12th World Water Day: 1 stamp (Contest)

    March 23:
    The 100th Anniversary of the Korean Modern Meteorological Service: 1 stamp

    The Opening of the High Speed Rail: 1 stamp

    April 21: Future Science Special: 2 stamps (contest)

    May 4:
    Cartoon Series (10th): 2 stamps souvenir sheet, Find the Hidden Picture

    May 21:
    FIFA Centennial: 1 stamp (contest)

    Korean Food Series (4th): 4 stamps, se-tenant

    June 24:
    Traditional Culture Special (5th): 4 stamps, se-tenant, Octagonal Shaped Stamp

    July 16:
    The 50th Anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Arts, Republic of Korea: 2 stamps, se-tenant

    July 23:
    Philately Week Special: 1 stamp souvenir sheet

    Aug. 13:
    The 28th Athens Olympic Games: 1 stamp

    Aug. 20:
    Traditional Culture Special (6th): 4 stamps, se-tenant, Octagonal Shaped Stamp

    Sept. 24:
    Korean Bridge Series (1st): 4 stamps, se-tenant

    Oct. 1:
    ICOM (International Council of Museums) 2004 SEOUL: 1 stamp

    Oct. 18:
    Celebrated Mountains of Korea Special (1st): 4 stamps, se-tenant

    Korean Orchid Series (4th): 4 stamps, se-tenant, Aromatic Stamp

    Dec. 11:
    New Year's Greetings: 1 stamp souvenir sheet

    Dec. 9:
    Registration of Korean Cultural Treasures as Parts of the World Heritage: 2 stamps

    • April 15: The 17th Election for the National Assembly Members
    • May 13: The 37th Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of the Asian Development Bank
    • May 18: Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity
    • July 15: 35th International Physics Olympiad

    Hong Kong 2004 Stamp program

    Year of the Monkey
    Issue date: 4 January 2004

    "To celebrate the Lunar New Year, the fifth issue of the 3rd Lunar New Year Series features 4-process colours printing and metallic silver colour to highlight the four lively monkey designs in this set."

    Gold and Silver Stamp Sheetlet on Lunar New Year Animals - Ram/Monkey
    Issue date: 4 January 2004

    "This prestigious stamp sheetlet features Ram and Monkey stamps embossed and hot foiled with genuine 22K, 24K gold and 99.9% pure silver."

    Hong Kong, China - New Zealand Joint Issue on Rugby Sevens
    Issue date: 25 February 2004

    "The 5th joint issue with an overseas Postal Administration, this set of four stamps depicts Hong Kong Stadium and Wellington Stadium as well as Rugby Sevens players of Hong Kong and New Zealand in action."

    Children Stamps - My Favourite Toys and Games
    Issue date: 7 April 2004

    "This series of delightful Children Stamps features the winning designs of the "Children Stamps Design Competition 2003" on the theme of "My Favourite Toys and Games". The designs depict popular activities including playing Chinese chess, scissors-paper-stone, bubble-blowing and hop scotch."

    Mainland Scenery Series No.3 - The Chen Clan Academy, Guangzhou
    Issue date: 6 May 2004

    "The renowned Chen Clan Academy in Guangzhou is an amazing building, it now serves as an academy of arts and is celebrating its 110th anniversary. Built in the "Lingnan" architectural style, the academy features many detailed sculptures representing the art, history and culture of the time."

    Centenary of Hong Kong Trams
    Issue date: 27 May 2004

    "To mark 100 years of tram service in Hong Kong, a set of four stamps will be issued, plus a souvenir sheet and a new stamp in a stamp sheetlet format. These intriguing stamps highlight the significant historical developments of the five different generations of tram between 1904 and 2004."

    The People's Liberation Army Forces, Hong Kong
    Issue date: 30 June 2004

    "This set of six stamps pays tribute to the garrison of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) stationed in Hong Kong since 1 July 1997. Besides ensuring the security and stability of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the PLA Army, Air Force and Navy units also make contributions to community services, such as blood donation, tree planting and supporting disaster relief. The garrison has successfully demonstrated to the world the virtue of "Powerful and Civilized Military Forces"." Sports
    Issue date: To be announced

    "Five commonly practiced sports in Hong Kong are depicted in a very unique format, making it the first of its kind in Hong Kong. This is the first stamp set presented in a se-tenant strip format with four stamps with a single denomination, HK$1.40, and in a continuous motion."

    Hong Kong Currency
    Issue date: 2 September 2004

    "This set of stamps showcases selective currency designs introduced in Hong Kong since 1864. Like stamps, currency is an important means of payment transaction, and is essential for trade and business. In addition to their important roles in society, currency and stamps are also popular collectibles around the world."

    Development of the Pearl River Delta Region
    Issue date: 19 October 2004

    "Highlighting the Pearl River Delta's rapid and successful development, this set of four stamps features "Travel", "Logistics", "Construction" and "Trade". Each stamp comes in bright and colourful tones, symbolising the different characteristics of the Pearl River Delta, including Hong Kong and Macau."

    Issue date: 23 November 2004

    "This beautifully rendered issue features the Straw Mushroom, Cinnabar Mushroom, Violet Marasmius, Lingzhi Mushroom and Hexagon Mushroom, the unique fungi found in Hong Kong. The issue incorporates a souvenir sheet and new stamp in a stamp sheetlet that will be released in conjunction with the set of 4 special stamps."

    Postage Due Labels
    Issue date: To be announced
    "This philatelic item is a special collectible item. The labels are used to represent postage collected from unpaid or underpaid postal items. These labels are the 7th issue released, with the previous set of Postage Due Labels issued in 1987."

    United Kingdom

    13 January
    Classic locomotives

    (already issued) 4 stamps: 20p, 280. E rate, 42p. (postcards), 47p. (paper-thin letters outside of Europe and 68p (real letters outside of Europe).
    Miniature sheet, mint stamps, FDC, presentation pack and stamp cards

    03 February
    Occasions 2004

    Five different lst class stamps.
    The whimsy of Satoshi Kambayashi mint stamps, FDC, presentation pack and stamp cards

    26 February
    The Lord of the Rings

    (or cashing in a bit late) mint stamps, FDC, presentation pack and stamp cards.....what no miniature sheet(s)????

    16 March
    Northern Ireland

    (six stamps featuring landscapes of six counties of Ulster)
    mint stamps, FDC, presentation pack and stamp cards

    06 April
    Entente Cordiale

    A joint issue with France to "celebrate" the alliance that helped to push along the advent of the Great War. It promises to be a bumper issue. Strangely, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria and Turkey are not joining in on the fun.
    mint stamps, FDC, presentation pack and stamp cards

    13 April
    Ocean Liners

    Belated publicity for the New Cunard Queen (Mary II)
    mint stamps, FDC, presentation pack and stamp cards

    25 May
    Royal Horticultural Society

    200 years of gardening and the invention of the Chelsea Flower Show. The stamps will be launched at the show provided the launchers can overcome the crush.
    mint stamps, FDC, presentation pack and stamp cards and...a miniature sheet

    15 June

    Six stamps to celebrate "A little piece of heaven thathas fallen to Earth", held to coincide with the six hundreth anniversary of the first Welsh parliament.
    mint stamps, FDC, presentation pack and stamp cards

    10 August
    Royal Society of the Arts

    In honour of 250 years of "emboldening enterprise, to enlarge science, to refine art, to improve manufacture and to extend our commerce." I trust one of the stampos will not feature a bottle of Marmite.
    mint stamps, FDC, presentation pack and stamp cards

    16 September
    Woodland Animals

    Britain's answer to the USA series.
    mint stamps, FDC, presentation pack and stamp cards

    12 October
    The Crimean War

    Using photographs to illustrate the 150th anniversary of one of the most useless wars in history. Here we have an example of a celebration of a war that was not won. At least we have Florence Nightingale.
    mint stamps, FDC, presentation pack and stamp cards

    02 November

    Miniature sheet (?), mint stamps, FDC, presentation pack and stamp cards
    This year's stamps will be illustrated by Raymond Briggs and will therefore be interesting.

    by Charles Posner

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