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AFDCS Cachet Contest Results
A “March on Washington” FDC steals a march on other cachets. Results here.
Lloyd's Fun FDCs!
Volume 45 - ArtCraft
Its cachets are “not your father’s Oldsmobile.” The designs are bright, colorful and contemporary.

Bailar Blasts U.S. Stamp Selection
Linn’s Stamp News reports the former Postmaster General, with solid business creds, quits the Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee, saying it’s become nothing but a marketing group. Read a summary and analysis here.
Canada Honors Country Music
Tommy Hunter, k.d. lang, Renee Martel, Hank Snow and Shania Twain are on the stamps and souvenir sheet. Details here.
What Others Should Do
It’s easy to come up with great ideas, but that’s only part of implementation, says VSC proprietor Lloyd de Vries in his latest LloydBlog entry.
Photos from First Day Ceremonies
See the Medal of Honor-Korean War and Petersburg Civil War events.

Hudson River School art stamps debut at StampShow 2014. Details about the stamps are here.

Our 2014 U.S. Stamp Program has just been updated.

Korean War Medal of Honor
Photos from the first day ceremony can be seen here.

Feel free to comment in our U.S. 2014 blog section, indexed through the stamp program page.

Piazza is Museum’s New Stamps Chief
Daniel Piazza will head the philatelic portion of the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum in Washington. Details here.
Organizing Covers
It may often feel like herding cats, but it can be done, and columnist John Hotchner tells how.

What’s Your Collection Worth?
Columnist Dick Sine provides a reality check.

Future Issue: Pickup Trucks
The best-selling vehicle in America is a pickup truck (the Ford F-150), so it doesn’t surprise The Virtual Stamp Club to learn that a set of stamps featuring these workhorses is on the docket.
Britain Remembers The Great War
Six stamps and assorted postal products commemorate World War I. Details here.
Stamp Superstar Sets Record
One-cent British Guiana “Magenta” sells for US$9.48 million, more than ten times its purchase price 34 years ago. Details here.

Durland 2014 Supplement
Now Available!
The supplement, plus the 2012 edition of this catalogue, are the definitive reference for plate number collectors. Order them individually or together here.
Looking for Delphi’s Stamp Collecting Forum?
Click here to reach it.
And here’s the reason for the change.
"Help! I just inherited this stamp collection!"

Just been given Aunt Matilda's old stamp collection and don't know what to do with it? We can help.

Unique Stamp Collecting Bookstore
We have philatelic books in our bookstore you won't find anywhere else on the Internet, including publications from F.D.C. Publishing Co., the U.S. Stamp Society, and John Hotchner.

"The stamp program should celebrate the things that are great about the United States and serve as a medium to communicate those things to a world-wide audience. To prostitute that goal in the pursuit of possibly illusory profits does not make sense to me."
Benjamin F. Bailar, former CSAC member, former Postmaster General as quoted in Linn’s Stamp News

Last Updated August 20, 2014


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